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Mittwoch, 11 November 2020 15:19

Workflow Email Skript

Advanced “Send Email” Workflow action


‘Reply-to’ email address in NetSuite’s native Workflow action can not be set. You can define a ‘Send-from’ a ‘CC and a ‘BCC’ email address as well as only one recipient. This is sufficient in many situations, but some of our customer’s need more features.


Features we added to the standard functionality:


  • Send email to more than one recipient 
  • Define one or more ‘Reply-to’ email address


Our consultants can install the script in any account and then go ahead to configure the workflow action according to customer’s needs.


This screenshot shows the fields you can set:

If you like our support, feel invited to vet in touch with us.


Kind regards,

Georg Walther

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