Alta Via Professional Service

From Spot consulting, over fast enablement to deep diving full implementations, we manage your project in an appropriate and diligent way. The level of project management from our side needs to be discussed, but one thing is clear: with our project management, we guarantee the success of your NetSuite implementation.

Our Project Management (PM) Services

We believe that professional and effective Project Management is a key to success.

We have a large spectrum of project management services, the decision of which service is required in a specific project depends on the customer’s in-house resources and expectations. The decision of which PM service is required is based on an open discussion in the initiation of the project, and it’s a joint Customer and Alta Via decision.

Our spectrum of PM services includes:

1. End-to-End-PM

We have intense experience and the right knowledge to support our customers with different Project Management methodologies and approaches. One of the approaches is the Alta Via Waterfall Methodology which suits mostly for “Deep Dive” projects. Our Methodology consist of the following steps:

Depending on the project scope, we sometimes recommend an agile approach:

2.  Customer has in-house PM, Alta Via supports and fits in

In cases where customers have in-house resources but still require PM from us, our service will have a high-level view of the team tasks, follow-up activities, deliveries, and time schedule and will manage risk.

3. Small scale PM for small projects

As we believe that PM is a key to success, we know that even small projects need a PM that will take care of team alignments, tracking, planning, and release date steps.