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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 18:43

Customer Center

Customer Center – access to NetSuite for external customers


Recently we received a request to provide external clients with the ability to ‘fix’ incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses. 

Since external clients usually don't have direct access to netSuite, we have prepared a SuiteLet which is externally available to serve as Customer Center. 



Our new feature is accessible to all users without the need of having a NS account created for them. As such we had to provide additional precautions to prevent accessing someone else’s  data by mistake. 

Based on the provided email, we are confirming if the client exists. And only then we are sending a message to a customers registered email, with their very own Customer Center url.


Customer Center

Based on the Company Preferences, external customers can be given access to one or both sections described below.


Sales Orders 

List of sales orders assigned to the client with the most important information about the shipping status, address and tracking. 


For more detailed view clients can open each sales order details, where additional specifics and functionality are available to them, such as :

  • Download Invoice (if available based on company’s conditions) 
  • Update shipping address (if package has not yet been sent) 
  • Check tracking status (if provided)
  • Check items list


Address book

Second section of the tool is intended to help our customers manage their address book. In a very straightforward way they can review and update their saved addresses if necessary. 


User Friendly

To make sure our customers have a great time using the Customer Center, we provide a fully responsive design and a localisation module which will translate all of the tool's labels based on the Clients defined language.

With that we are positive that every single user will have no problem operating this application.



Login screen


Overview page


Details page on mobile



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