Customer Center – access to NetSuite for external customers

Recently, we have received a request to provide external clients with the ability to ‘fix’ incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses. Since external clients usually don’t have direct access to NetSuite, we have prepared a SuiteLet which is externally available to serve as Customer Center. Security Our new feature is accessible to all users, without the […]

Personal Information (PI) Removal – Status Quo GER

Personal Information (PI) Removal – Status Quo GER The subject of data protection is becoming more and more important. Within the EU, all companies must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A side note: Before we talk about deleting data, we need to spend a moment to consider which data has to be kept […]

Advanced price and discount management

Advanced price and discount management  In price and discount management, many of our customers have requirements that go beyond the NetSuite standard. Customers in the retail business in particular have complex rules to be able to automatically determine the right prices and discounts. Price management requirements: All prices have a valid-from and a valid-to date […]