Adrian Reszka

Position: Senior NetSuite Developer, Łódź

Adrian works in the Alta Via development team as a SuiteScript developer. He is responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating scripts for a large variety of our clients. Whenever a client needs a new interface, custom report or a new tool with a custom UI, Adrian sure I can help with that.

He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, with specialization in graphic design. Right after school Adrian started working for a local multi-brand company, where he was responsible for product photography, web store development, SEO, DTP and digital graphic designs. After a few years, he started to feel more and more interested in focusing on development.

Almost six years fastfoward, Adrian wanted to find a technology to specialize in. He decided to go for SuiteScript as the technology seemed interesting, was gaining more popularity an was continuously being developed. Adrians adventure with NetSuite began at Alta Via in January 2021.

Hi his free time he likes to focus on his hobby designing and printing 3D objects & tools, which he then uses at home.