Der DOAG NetSuite User Day — a big success!

DOAG Michael

The 2nd NetSuite User Day in Hamburg follows up to the great success of the first event last year. We, as sponsors, are looking forward to a German forum with NetSuite users, consultants and representatives of the consultants who speak to each other on an equal level and are interested in a lively exchange.

DOAG and all participating partners have managed to develop a successful and accepted event format. We are happy to see that the format established itself already after the second run in addition to the sales events organized by NetSuite. It’s an event which positions itself as a representation of customers, users and partners vis-à-vis NetSuite.


Martin K rund

“Alta Via has held so-called NetSuite forums since 2010: 2010 in Mannheim, 2013 in Berlin, 2014 in Munich, 2015 in Hamburg and 2017 in Heidelberg. I was entrusted with the organization from the beginning and I continued to support after the responsibility was transferred to DOAG last year. I can clearly say: So far this was the best NetSuite User Day ever and I am really looking forward to more in the future!” (Martin Kalkuhl, Alta Via Director Sales & NetSuite Partner Business Development)


Parth rund


“It was interesting to see how our clients have so many different areas to talk about, various industry challenges resolved with NetSuite through a variety of solutions implemented. Certainly look forward to more such events. Proud to see three of Alta Via client’s to present their experiences with all. There’s indeed a lot of hidden knowledge that users, consultants, stakeholders can unlock from such workshops. Cheers to knowledge sharing!” (Parth Virkud, Alta Via Senior NetSuite Consultant)


Georg rund


“I am particularly pleased to meet our customers at the NetSuite User Day , to have the chance to get to know each other better, since our work is mostly remote. I can talk to the customers individually throughout the day, exchange ideas or think about larger projects and get inspiration. The NetSuite User Day also offers the opportunity to meet other consultings and their employees. So it’s a place where a lot of knowledge gathers. And the presentations show all that is possible!” (Georg Walther, Alta Via Senior NetSuite Consultant)



All presentations are available for Download on the DOAG website.

We are looking forward to the next NetSuite User Day, which is expected to take place at the end of 2020. There will be again an interesting mix of lectures on accounting, finance and controlling topics. The participants in Hamburg expressed some topics which they would like to hear more about. Have a look: SuitePeople, SuiteTax as follow-up, SuiteAnalytics, POS solutions / SCIS (Suite Commerce In-Store, Article & Warehouse Management, Production. Let’s all meet again at the third NetSuite User Day.

We keep you updated on our webside and on our social media profiles. Here are a few insights into the event on February 27, 2020 in Hamburg at Smaato.

00 panorama doag

Hamburg doag

Speaker DOAG DAyWelcome by Dr. Matthias Runte, Depute Curator NetSuite 

DOAG NetSuite User DAY_PeterPeter von Zimmermann, curator NetSuite with Mathias Reinecke, Oracle NetSuite 

Doag Michael PräsiMichael Schlecht, Alta Via, "NetSuite - part of the ERP-Strategy für SodaStream"

peter doag








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