Automation in logistic processes

von Julian Heuser, Senior Netsuite Consultant Alta Via

Many of our customers with high order volumes need automated processes for logistics to reduce manual intervention as much as possible. For example:


  • Calculation of the number of packages or pallets and weight
  • Automatic order split for shipments from different locations
    • Automatic selection of the shipping warehouse
  • Automatic approval processes
    • On the order e.g. for promotions to reserve goods
    • On the delivery note e.g. for large shipping deliveries
  • Connection to a shipping label service that is not related to only one carrier
    • automatic selection of label type per order
    • automatic request labels as zebra / PDF
    • automatically triggered print job of the label
    • automatically stored tracking information on the transaction
  • Collected document printing including dangerous goods documents
  • Automatic sending of status information to the customer
  • Integration of an outbound-scan
    • automatic setting of the shipping status
    • automatic invoice generation
    • Time stamp of dispatch of the goods on the transaction

As the volume of orders increases, it is important to automate simple logistics processes as much as possible that employees can concentrate on more complex tasks. We offer solutions. 


Design freely approval processes

One way to separate standard orders from complex orders is integrated approval processes that can be designed according to free rules. On the one hand, we offer this option on the customer order, for example to reserve goods for large promotions, or to have this order processed by a specific shipping warehouse. On the other hand, we offer this option on the delivery note to select a different carrier or service for large forwarding deliveries, or to implement complex truck planning and then set the shipping status manually.


Simplify processes with order split

An automatic order split can help if certain goods are stored and picked in different locations. In this case a second sales order is automatically created and the goods are divided between these two sales orders according to the shipping warehouse specified on the item record. A reference to the sibling order is stored on the sales order. A lot of processes can be automated or at least greatly simplified by straightforward rules and additional information in the item master data.


Customize shipping logistics systems

In addition, an independent shipping label service that is not related to a special carrier, such as “Paketpartner”, can be connected via interface in order to provide automated shipping and return labels. Paketpartner offers over 40 different carriers with a variety of different shipping services. The print format can be adjusted and additional information, including a barcode, can be inserted on the shipping label.

The shipping label can be selected on the order according to freely defined rules. Dependent on the customer or the article, on the package quantity or on total weight of the shipment.

The additional information that can be printed on the label helps the customer to receive the goods or your own returns department in order to be able to match returns immediately to a customer account.


Integrate an outbound-scan

Furthermore, an outbound-scan can also be integrated into NetSuite, which stores a timestamp of dispatch on the transaction and could automatically set the shipping status. This allows further processes, such as an email to the customer, or the automated generation and sending of the invoice.


Sodastream - a successful customer example

All of the above-mentioned solutions have proven themselves even with high order volumes and have been used successfully for a long time by our customer Sodastream.

Contact us with your questions about the “automation of logistics processes”, we are happy to help you.


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