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Choose NetSuite and …

Wipe out the distinction between your frontend and backend with a unified platform! We help you to implement NetSuite for your business processes!

NetSuite integrates and automates functional areas like financial management, revenue management, inventory management, order management, billing, e-commerce, or CRM.

Contact us to book your free two days discovery and analysis workshop. We will talk through your critical business processes and conclude with a fixed budget “statement of work” for your project.


With NetSuite you can manage and submit your monthly and annual financial statements as a result of your business processes. The statements and statutory reportings are a result of your business processes and not an on top leverage as you might have today.

Online Shop

As a cloud born ERP software, NetSuite can integrate with any eCommerce platform which has API capabilities, such as Magento, Shopify, Amazon or others. Order volumes of a few up to 10.000 per day can be handled with a standard NetSuite account. Or perhaps you want your webshop to be run out of NetSuite, with a SuiteCommerce solution.

Fulfillment & Carrier

If you have a 3PL we can establish an integration and push your orders to their warehouse for fulfillment. Alternatively set up integrations with DHL, UPS, FedEx or other and ship from your own warehouse.


In case your EU wide customers include retailers such as Rewe, Edeka, El Corte Ingles or Migros (just to name a few), we offer an EDI integration.

Cash Register (PoS)

A PoS integration connects your shops with a state of the art cash register, so that all you have to do is carry your cash to the bank.

Hands on. This is NetSuite:

Based on a lean SuiteSuccess implementation with Financials - first, we can set up these core areas in your eCommerce business:

  • Financial structure: chart of accounts, segmentation, etc.
  • Order management back end
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Banking: electronic payments, statements reconciliation
  • German localisation: compliant reporting, taxation
  • other packages can be booked additionally:
  • eCommerce: Integration with Magento, Shopify, CommerceTools, etc.
  • 3PL integration
  • Carrier integration: DHL, TNT, UPS, DHL Express, ...
  • EDI integration for B2B Retail business
  • PoS integration

Alta Via is your implementation partner:

Since 2008 we are Germany’s first NetSuite implementation partner. Until today we implemented and maintain over 200 NetSuite instances.

The experience is ours. From large established businesses to three people start ups!

Our 25 employees are specialised in different areas and work together to bring the best possible results to you. We come from backgrounds such as SAP, Controlling, International accounting, eCommerce owner, Project management, CPA, Logistics support, Quality management, Software development and many more. Our team of developers is highly skilled in NetSuite development and located in Germany and Poland. No off-shore consulting.
We do not only support your European businesses, but also US or Canadian implementations.

See our website for references or contact us directly!

Alta Via snapADDY integration for NetSuite

The Alta Via snapADDY integration for NetSuite automises the process of migrating contacts and visit reports data from snapADDY’s “Grabber” and “VisitReport” into NetSuite.

Here’s a quick description of the tools:

snapADDY Grabber

The snapADDY grabber automatically collects contact data from different data sources like email signatures, business cards, web-pages and enriches them with information such as company details, additional company contact, email addresses and business networks such as LinkedIn and XING.

SnapAddy Grabber features

  • Contact Person Search
  • Email Validator
  • Contact Page Crawler
  • Business Cards Scanner
  • CRM Updater
  • Address Grabber
  • NetSuite-Integration

More details about the grabber here: https://www.snapaddy.com/en/snapaddy-grabber.html

snapADDY VisitReport

SnapAddy’s VisitReport creates digital visitor reports for trade fairs exhibitions. The old fashioned
lead management in the field of external service and at a trade fair with paper-based visit reports is
too complicated, takes too long and the organization effort is too high when you have to manage
many paper sheets. With the new digital lead management visit reports are recorded within
minutes and then transferred into NetSuite. Follow-ups can be work on by your office stuff at the
end of the trade show each day and your customer is supplied with the bewished information.

snapADDY VisitReport features

  • Create Questionnaires
  • Sketches & Drawings
  • Offline availability
  • Business Card Scanner
  • Attachments via pictures
  • Multilingual Reportings
  • NetSuite-Integration

More details about the grabber here: https://www.snapaddy.com/en/snapaddy-visitreport.html

What does the Alta Via snapADDY NetSuite integration do ?

Data from the Grabber or the VisitReport are transferred directly into NetSuite as a contact, LEAD, company, partner or vendor through Alta Via’s snapADDY integration. Alternatively, you can use a custom record from where you individually decide whether you like to create a contact, LEAD, company, partner or vendor, check for duplicates or have your own feature build in.

Download PDF

Alta Via Carrier Integration with NetSuite

We get your goods onto the road

With our recent bundle we enable your NetSuite account to be connected to one or many carrier companies like

  • DHL
  • DHL Express
  • TNT
  • UPS (Special character issue resolved!)
  • GLS
  • FedEx.

Standard Processes on your Item Fulfillment:

  • Create Shipping Labels
  • Request Tracking number
  • Request Tracking Status

Currently we mainly support European carriers.

Do not find your carrier? Contact us, we can add your favourite carrier too...

Contact us for more details or a demo.


Alta Via German Bundle

More and more German companies are choosing NetSuite as their central ERP and accounting solution. Many international companies also use NetSuite in their German branch. Since NetSuite has been certified for Germany since 2009, this is also very possible. Nonetheless, Alta Via's consulting practice has proven a number of minor additions that improve the way NetSuite works in Germany. We have now decided to combine them into a separate German bundle.

With the strong expansion of NetSuite especially into the German market and the associated investments in the further development of the software, some additions could be in the future in the NetSuite standard. On the other hand we always get new ideas in our daily practice. In this respect, this bundle will experience changes again and again.
Currently it includes the following subpackages:

New VAT rates valid between 1. July 2020 and 31.12.2020

The new tax codes for 5% and 16% and all other needed tax codes with notional rate 16% and 5% as defined by NetSuite can be added to an existing German nexus with a button on the German subsidiary. You can switch sales transactions between the old and the new tax code. This might be useful as the tax code depends on the delivery date.
We also provide a script library to automate the selection of the correct tax code depending on the date. 

VAT Clawback

Payments by customers or to suppliers with deduction of cash discount requires, according to German tax law, a corresponding reduction of the proportional VAT. The payment transaction in NetSuite does not take this into account. This bundle ensures that an additional journal entry records the discount resulting from the cash discount with the corresponding tax code.
This also works for payments of several invoices and several tax codes.

Immutability of Bookings

After the GdOB once made bookings cannot be changed. NetSuite locks transactions against period-end changes and logs all changes, but changes are possible during open periods. The bundle complements all transactions relevant to the booking with a "final booked" check box. After this check box is set, the transaction cannot be changed. 

German Reporting Requirements

The bundle contains report templates for the HGB balance sheet and income statement, which will be adjusted to your specific chart of accounts. In addition, we allow you to display bookings as "Kontenblatt" or "Summen- und Saldenliste".

VAT-ID Check

NetSuite checks a registered VAT identification number only syntactically.
This bundle enables you to test EU VAT IDs with company name and address via the Federal Central Tax Office.

Tax Texts

The use of certain tax codes for invoice requires additional texts on the invoice. With the bundle you can maintain these texts multilingual, they will then be printed on the invoice form.


Alta Via Dunning for NetSuite

Multi-level Dunning Process for German based companies

The need to remind customers of overdue invoices is one of the annoying side effects of a
successful business. If you succeed in doing so in a timely and effective manner, it will have a
significant impact on the liquidity of your business.

With the reminder system from Alta Via, you can automate this process and flexibly adapt it to your

  • You can set up an individual dunning process for each subsidiary
  • Any number of dunning levels are available.
  • Several dunning criteria are configurable (overdue days, open amounts ...).
  • Dunning letters can be sent automatically or manually.
  • The letters can be sent by e-mail, e-post or printed and manually sent by mail.
  • You can use your own templates for your dunning letters.
  • Use of the customer's language through stored texts in all languages.
  • Calculation of dunning fees and default interest including automatic booking.
  • You can exclude customers or invoices from the dunning process.
  • Invoices or dunning letters can be transferred directly to a collection agency.
  • Notification to account managers about a reminder.
  • Dunning Console

The central instrument is the dunning monitor displaying the invoices you want to remind. Using
flexible filters, you can restrict the selection andgenerate reminders. The result is documented in a
dunning run.


A separate dashboard for dunning contains various evaluations about reminders and payments of the
customer. Of course you can flexibly adapt this dashboard to your requirements.

Download PDF


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