XInvoice in NetSuite

Since November 2020, XRechnung has been the mandatory standard for invoicing public clients. How do NetSuite users who have public clients deal with this issue?

Oracle NetSuite’s answer is “Electronic Invoicing” with the app of the same name. This app provides a universal platform for processing electronic documents, both incoming and outgoing. Among other things, it can be used to generate outgoing invoices in a wide variety of XML or JSON formats using suitable templates. The app is free for use in one country and easy to install. The only thing that is not included is the template for the xInvoice.

Now, the XRechnung is, after all, a fixed standard that transforms fixed fields of an invoice plus some additional data (routing ID) into a defined XML format. Alta Via has therefore decided to use a somewhat simpler alternative. With a few fields on the customer master, a script, and a workflow, we create the XInvoice XML from a NetSuite invoice.

The functionality is delivered as part of our German Bundle. Within this bundle, we are continuously developing small useful additions to the NetSuite standard. Regularly we extend the bundle with new features, according to our motto: Alta Via – We deliver solutions. Please contact us.