A sunny Go Live with Sunvigo

Sunvigo, a Cologne-based energy start-up, reached out to Alta Vita for a complex NetSuite customisation. The start-up is a decentralized energy provider. Sunvigo is revolutionizing the use of solar power for homeowners. In contrast to sellers or renters of PV systems, the company is an energy provider and owes homeowners an electricity contract inclusive of the PV system. This means that with Sunvigo, the customer only pays for the electricity consumed, but not for the components of the PV system. If desired, solutions for battery storage and charging devices for electric cars can be integrated into the electricity contract. Sunvigo installs, operates and maintains PV systems and provides 100% renewable electricity to customers.

NetSuite was the chosen ERP to move forward, and we started a very lean project to go live with accounting, procurement and inventory management. Sunvigo has multiple legal entities, and NetSuite records all the transactions within them. Having a centralized system for an otherwise decentralized energy provider was the right way to go. Sunvigo is decentralized from an operational perspective, while NetSuite offers a centralized solution from a process management perspective. A lot of automated processes were introduced using NetSuite’s SuiteFlows and SuiteScript technologies.

Today, their NetSuite platform is well integrated with Salesforce (to bring sales data, and trigger relevant purchases or inventory movements), and also with an external supplier’s system (through EDI, to manage purchase transactions with autonomy). Sunvigo can electronically communicate with their large suppliers in this vertical and send details of the approved purchase orders. In turn, they receive information about approved orders, and delivery notes (good receipt notes). This saves a lot of time for personnel while adding so much accuracy to the process.

Alta Via’s SuiteSucces-Team supported Sunvigo throughout their NetSuite implementation. It is a matter of pride for us to add value to their business operations with our services.

Here’s what Sunvigo has to say about it:

“At Sunvigo, as a dynamic start-up, our goal is to standardize and automate all repetitive processes. As an example, the P2P process normally takes a lot of manual capacity, but due to the implementation of FastFour Scan & Capture and other programmed workflows within NetSuite, it is automated to a large extent. The additional EDI interfaces to suppliers make the P2P process even more efficient.

In order to develop solutions tailored to our business model, we have always felt most comfortable with Alta Via’s consulting services. Not only the implementation, but also the ongoing support and communication with third parties went optimally so that an enormous value could be created for Sunvigo. Thank you very much for the excellent support.”

(Cedric Scheele, Finance Manager at Sunvigo)


“It was a pleasurable experience to see a driven organization like Sunvigo onboarding NetSuite for their operations, sales and purchase optimizations, inventory management and accounting backend processes. After successfully leveraging what NetSuite has to offer through its leading practices, Sunvigo enhanced its system with a couple of integrations and internal automation in favor of saving time and increasing accuracy and visibility for the management.” 

(Parth Virkud, Partner, Berlin)

To know more about the project, or our quick implementation methodology, please get in touch with sales@altavia.de.

Author: Parth Virkud, Partner, Berlin