The Alta Via Dunning Bundle for NetSuite

The need to remind customers of overdue invoices is one of the annoying side effects of a successful business. This bundle gives you all the flexibility you need to automate your dunning procedure run in NetSuite.

Multi-level Dunning Process for German based companies

  • Set up an individual dunning process for each subsidiary.
  • Any number of dunning levels are available.
  • Several dunning criteria are configurable (overdue days, open amounts …).
  • Dunning letters can be sent automatically or manually, by email or mail.
  • Create your own templates for dunning letters.
  • Use the customer’s language through stored texts in all languages.
  • Calculation of dunning fees and default interest, including automatic booking.
  • Exclude customers or invoices from the dunning process.
  • Invoices or dunning letters can be transferred directly to a collection agency.

Dunning Console

The central instrument is the dunning monitor displaying the invoices you want to remember. By using flexible filters, you can restrict the selection and generate reminders. The results are documented in a dunning run.


A separate dashboard for dunning contains various evaluations about reminders and payments of the customer. Of course, you can flexibly adapt this dashboard to your requirements.