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Alta Via Vacation & Resource planning for NetSuite


Alta Via's vacation and resource planning bundle lets you manage the vacations of all employees in NetSuite. Employees can apply for and apply for their holidays. For the personnel department, there are various overviews of requested, approved and taken vacations.
A graphical overview makes it possible to view the vacation of all employees as well as to create further types of employment or occupancy plans.

AV Vacation & Resource planning

With the "Vacation Planning and Mission Planning" module, employees can plan vacations in NetSuite and approve them through supervisors or the human resources department. The respective persons are sent emails with a request for confirmation, or e-mails upon confirmation. Vacation budgets are managed per employee.
National holidays can be registered and are considered per branch or location.

The absence types are freely configurable. In addition to the standards "vacation" and "illness", you can create further types of absence, such as "special leave".

In an overview, the vacancies and other types of absence of all employees per month can be viewed per branch or location in order to minimize overlaps, for example.
In addition, occupancy plans can be created or illness can be entered here. There are basically two approval workflows, one with the NetSuite registered supervisor and one with the Human Resources department. The routing can be set in the bundle itself for each type of absence. Special holidays with your own budget can also be managed.

Examples are:

  • Free days due to wedding or
  • Family bereavement

There will be about 8 to 16 hours additional adjustments needed on the customer's NetSuite account.

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