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What do I need to work with NetSuite

You already have everything you need with an internet connection and a web browser. With NetSuite, you are independent of hardware or operating systems, databases, or any locally installed software.

How do I learn more about NetSuite

If you have any specific questions about the functionalities that NetSuite offers, you can call us at any time or send us an email.

For learning how to use it, NetSuite provides extensive “help” and the famous SuiteAnswers. For more ambitious minds or if you seek to get a NetSuite certification, there is a learning center available where you can choose from a variety of courses.

How long does it take before I can use NetSuite in my company?

The implementation effort depends on the size of your company and the complexity of your business. Important factors are:

  • the quality of the data to be transferred,
  • the scope of the configuration,
  • the number of users to be trained.


Most companies upload their data within the first month and are fully productive after 30-90 days.

How much does NetSuite cost?

NetSuite license is an annual subscription. The price is determined by the features you choose and the amount of users which you want to work with it. Ask us for a quote or price indication.

Which additional costs can I expect?

Your subscription already includes all costs, including support from NetSuite. Additional costs depend on the implementation project. In particular, on the customization effort to fit the uniqueness of your business processes and the necessary training.

How can I customize NetSuite to fit my needs?

NetSuite is a very flexible system that end-users can adapt to their needs. Existing applications can also be supplemented with additional fields, specialized input masks, or reports. The role concept enables the definition of customized interfaces for the different employees of your company. With Javascript, you can supplement the logic of your application.


Customized workflows are set up with Suiteflow and allow you to map new process flows. Other applications can be integrated via web services. For many integration tasks, there are solutions from NetSuite partners that are stored in the central library (SuiteApps.com).

How do I get support for the implementation and training?
The intuitive user interface and ease of configuration greatly reduces the need for implementation support and training over traditional systems. As a solution provider of NetSuite, we support you with implementation and training.
How can I upload my data into my NetSuite account?
Your data can be conveniently uploaded into NetSuite by importing CSV files. As part of the implementation, we support you in this task.
Can I solely use only specific parts of NetSuite and map other functions with my previous solutions?

You can! You may only start with the CRM component and map invoicing and accounting in Netsuite later.

Data security and availability
How secure is my data in the NetSuite system?

NetSuite uses multiple data centers with data mirroring as well as techniques and methods to ensure disaster recovery. In an emergency, a data center can also take over the tasks of another, unavailable data center.


The operator of these data centers is a leading global company that has taken extensive fire safety and earthquake precautions as well as safeguarding against failure. All components such as servers, storage, and disk drives are fully redundant in a multi-level architecture.


Extensive security mechanisms ensure that no unauthorized data access can take place. Specialized security teams continuously check the security status and expand the defense methods and techniques.


SSAE 16 Type II and ISAE 3402 Type II audits were successfully carried out as security certifications. NetSuite is PCI-DSS and EU-US Safe Harbor certified. NetSuite also follows the NIST standard 800-53 and ISO27000.

The NetSuite Information Security Management System considers all relevant standard guidelines.

Where is the NetSuite data stored?
Currently, all NetSuite operational data centers are located in the United States. The construction of an additional data center in Europe has already been announced.
Can I work with NetSuite anytime?

Netsuite guarantees 99.5% availability for all products as part of the delivery terms. This is a one-time assurance for on-demand offerings. You can check the currently achieved availability at any time on NetSuite’s public website under “Status”. You will find that the real availability significantly exceeds the guaranteed 99.5%.

How can I export my data from Netsuite?

You can easily export all data from your NetSuite system in an Excel format or as a CSV file. The data is thus available for further processing in any application.

General questions
Is there a support hotline?
Just as NetSuite is always available, NetSuite support is always available too, depending on the service level you choose.
How do I make sure I'm using the latest version of NetSuite?
One of the great advantages of NetSuite’s on-demand model is that you always have the latest version automatically. NetSuite delivers a new release approximately every 6 months. Your account will be automatically updated without any effort on your part. Time-consuming and expensive updates are a thing of the past. We would be happy to show you how you can improve NetSuites’s performance with new functions.
Can I integrate existing applications with NetSuite?

Any application can be integrated with NetSuite thanks to NetSuite’s wide range of import and export options. Web services or REST calls are available for seamless integration with other applications with NetSuite. We would be happy to advise you on the selection, configuration, development, and implementation.

Is there a special version for the DACH region?

In Europe, the international version of NetSuite is available. This contains many functions and features for the European Economic area. As the first NetSuite solution provider from the German-speaking area, we were significantly involved in the development and are still closely involved in its further optimization.

Is there a test system?
NetSuite offers paid sandbox systems. These are usually created as copies of existing production systems. Further adjustments and software developments can then be carried out and tested in this sandbox system without affecting productive operation.
How are additional developments transferred to a system?
Here, NetSuite offers the concept of bundles. All elements of additional developments such as data, interfaces, evaluations, and data structures are combined in a bundle. These bundles can be installed and used with other systems. NetSuite maintains a large library where all released bundles are maintained.

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