Generation change in Alta Via management initiated

We would like to announce that Michael Schlecht is handing over his duties as Managing Director to Alta Via staff members Sabine Emery-Spillecke and Georg Walther. Together with Peter von Zimmermann, they form the new Alta Via management team. 

Peter von Zimmermann:

“The path, to take NetSuite forward in Germany with Alta Via, together with Michael Schlecht as a partner and co-managing director, was one of the best decisions in my professional life. We were not only very successful as a team but it was also always a lot of fun to work together. Thank you very much, Michael. I am pleased that we are now continuing on this path. With Sabine Emery-Spillecke and Georg Walther, two very valued members of our staff are taking over the baton. I look forward to working with them.”

Michael Schlecht:

“Before 2010 cloud-based ERP systems were still exotics on the market. Peter von Zimmermann and I were convinced that these solutions, and Netsuite in particular, would be the future. We implemented NetSuite with the first pilot customers and won new customers. In the last ten years, we have developed Alta Via into a powerful and future-oriented consulting company.

More than 20 employees focus on exciting and innovative NetSuite projects. In order to secure the planned further growth, we have decided to bring young colleagues into responsibility. We are creating the basis for a generation change in the management of Alta Via. I will focus on NetSuite’s major projects and hand over my duties as Managing Director. Having more time for family and friends is a goal of this next phase of my professional life.”

Sabine Emery-Spillecke und Georg Walther:

“Over the past seven years, we contributed to building up Alta Via and saw the company grow. Guided by Peter von Zimmermann and Michael Schlecht, we learned to implement, maintain and customize NetSuite to the needs of our customers. Now it is time to take over more responsibility – step by step. We are thankful to Peter and Michael for the trust they placed in us. Many tasks will now follow to find the right strategy for our colleagues and our customers, to go the right way to success. We are looking forward to that. Let’s do this!”