Welcome to the first Alta Via Trainee Program!

We are thrilled to introduce our selected trainees, Çağla Eroğlu, Celine Matlach, and Rostislav Rud. Over the next 2 years, they will be immersed in our program to become “Certified NetSuite ERP Consultants.

This initiative has been a personal aspiration of Georg Walther, one of the Managing Directors at Alta Via:

“I’m committed to supporting individuals in their professional growth. That is why we’ve crafted this Trainee Program to educate German-speaking consultants specifically. We are excited to be part of their journey and witness their development. A big shout-out to the Alta Via team for extending a warm welcome and providing invaluable support. Here’s to a successful learning adventure!”

Celine shares: “Studying ERP in theory was one thing, but applying it in practice is where the real excitement lies. I relocated to the city specifically for this training.”

“I worked before as a project manager. I aim to push my knowledge to the next level. I want to dive deep” expresses Cagla.

Rostislav: “This trainee program is helping me to build a solid foundation in the internal accounting processes of a company and I’m looking forward to applying this knowledge.” “We all are looking forward to new challenges and learnings. The positive employee feedback about Alta Via as an employer was impressive. The job interview highlighted a company culture which values and respects its employees and a warm, supportive management team.”