What do I need to work with NetSuite

With an internet connection and a web browser, you already have everything you need. With NetSuite, you are independent of hardware, operating systems, databases, or any locally installed software.

How do I learn more about NetSuite

If you have any specific questions about the functionalities that NetSuite offers, we would recommend that you register with us for an online demo. All you have to do is fill out the form on the contact page.


For learning how to use it, NetSuite provides extensive “help” and the famous SuiteAnswers. For more ambitious minds or if you seek to get a NetSuite certification, there is a learning center available where you can choose from a variety of courses.

How long does it take before I can use NetSuite in my company?

The implementation effort depends on the size of your company and the complexity of your business. Important factors are:

  • the quality of the data to be transferred,
  • the scope of the configuration,
  • the number of users to be trained.


Most companies upload their data within the first month and are fully productive after 30-90 days.

How much does NetSuite cost?
NetSuite licensing is annual. The costs result from the selected basic package, e.g. wholesale and the number of users who are supposed to work with the system. Ask us for a quote or price indication.
Which additional costs can I expect?

Your subscription already includes all costs, including support from NetSuite.

Additional costs depend on the implementation project. In particular on the customization effort to fit the uniqueness of your business processes and the necessary training.