Alta Via DATEV-Interface for NetSuite

The accounting software from DATEV eG is the standard for tax consultants and financial auditors in Germany. With the DATEV certified SuiteApp "DATEV Export for NetSuite", you can easily import your entries into DATEV.

The solution is fully developed on the NetSuite development platform and will be installed as a bundle.

You can transfer master data (GL accounts and customers/vendors) as well as transactions with general ledger relevance (posting stacks / Buchungsstapel) from NetSuite to DATEV. In one run, all postings of a period (month, quarter, fiscal year, or individual days) are exported to tables that conform to the DATEV standard format. So these can be imported directly into DATEV.

To process transactions in DATEV, they must structurally meet the DATEV requirements. To achieve this, various transformations are necessary.

The DATEV bundle includes the following features:

  • The G/L account in NetSuite is replaced by the account from the DATEV chart of account. In the account master in NetSuite, there is the field DATEV account. For automatic accounts, there is an additional mapping table with the NetSuite account and tax code.
  • Accounts receivables, as well as accounts payables, are booked in NetSuite to the general ledger account A/R or A/P with an additional assignment to the customer/vendor/employee. In DATEV, a sub-ledger account is used; all accounts receivables/payables have a sub-ledger account. To realize this, NetSuite uses a DATEV account field in the master records of customers, vendors, and employees.
  • The NetSuite booking logic for VAT with net booking, tax code, and extra tax line is converted into a DATEV gross booking with booking key or automatic account.
  • NetSuite debit and credit line items are converted into DATEV line items with account and offset account.
  • NetSuite’s cost of sales method is transformed into periodic inventory change entries to represent a total cost method in DATEV