Alta Via is excited to welcome Lloyd in our team as a Senior Consultant.

Helping people has always been a very rewarding experience for me and I have a good fortune, in my opinion, to be able to engage and connect with people at many levels. This is why consultancy suits me. 

I enjoy seeing the work lives of end-users improved by what I have been able to implement for them. For me a good consultant needs to listen to their client needs first and foremost, but also be able to guide them into new areas and help improve and potentially grow their business.

Furthermore, patience and politeness are key attributes in consultancy work. They were not only instilled in me by my parents but also during my time in Japan. From the age of eight until thirty I lived in Japan, this country is a sort of home for me as all my key formative years were spent there. I attended several universities and finished at UCLA (California) where I studied mathematics/ Applied Science. I worked for NetSuite in Maidenhead, England for fifteen months and felt that their OneWorld offering had great potential, so I have continued to work with their software up until the present day.

Peter and I met in the summer of 2008 during the OneWorld launch in London, and although we did not keep in touch directly after that we were both aware of each other’s presence in the NetSuite market in Germany. My expectations are to be able to help Alta Via with their client projects and perhaps finish my ERP consultancy career with them.

Sports is a key part of my life, although at age 60 I have of course slowed things down a bit! My main focus was rugby, which I played in Japan from age sixteen until thirty when I decided to hang up my boots due to a neck injury I had sustained. I also indulged in basketball, volleyball, squash, tennis, snooker and bowling. I now focus on yoga and bike riding to keep myself fit.

“Alta Via is excited to welcome Lloyd to our team as a senior consultant. Since 2008 Lloyd has been working with NetSuite and was probably the first German NetSuite employee. We feel honored that he decided to work and to share his experiences with us for the benefit of our clients.”

Peter von Zimmermann, Managing Director, Alta Via GmbH