Exciting news for NetSuite Users in Europe and the US!

Introducing our upcoming webinar on 7 May, 4pm: “Ask Us Anything about NetSuite”. 

Are you in a decision-making phase or a solution-oriented NetSuite user in need of a more detailed understanding regarding a NetSuite topic? Is there an issue where everyone tells you “it is impossible” but you do not believe it? Have you ever wondered whether you can do certain things with Netsuite; why something doesn’t work, or about how complex certain customizations are?

This is your chance to ask our team of highly skilled NetSuite professionals:

  • Parth Virkud, +10 years of experience and Partner at Alta Via
  • Kerstin Fischer, +10 years of experience, Accounting Specialist
  • Rhon Rabang, +8 years experience, Accounting Specialist
  • Mona Schiele, +8 years experience, Logistics Specialist
  • Nitesh Devadiga, +8 years experience, Senior NetSuite Developer

What you can expect: :

An open Q&A Session – no question is off-limits (within the boundaries of good taste, of course). You can send us your question (askusanything@altavia.de) before or ask during the webinar.

Save the Date: 07 May 2024, 4 pm CEST! Register now: https://altaviaconsulting.webinargeek.com/ask-us-anything

The Alta Via Team is looking forward to having you.

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