The Alta Via snapADDY Integration for NetSuite

The Alta Via snapADDY integration for NetSuite automises the process of migrating contacts and visit reports data from snapADDY’s “Grabber” and “VisitReport” into NetSuite.

snapADDY Grabber

The snapADDY grabber automatically collects contact data from different data sources like email signatures, business cards, as well as web pages and enriches them with information such as company details, additional company contact, email addresses, and business networks such as LinkedIn and XING.

SnapAddy Grabber features

  • Contact person search
  • Email validator
  • Contact page crawler
  • Business cards scanner
  • CRM updater
  • Address Grabber
  • NetSuite integration

snapADDY VisitReport

SnapAddy’s VisitReport creates digital visitor reports for trade fair exhibitions. The old-fashioned lead management in the field of external service and at a trade fair with paper-based visit reports is too complicated, takes too long and the organization effort is too high when you have to manage many paper sheets. With the new digital lead management, visit reports are recorded within minutes and then transferred into NetSuite. Follow-ups can be worked on by your office staff at the end of the trade show each day and your customer is supplied with the desired information.

snapADDY VisitReport features

  • Create questionnaires
  • Sketches & drawings
  • Offline availability
  • Business card scanner
  • Attachments via pictures
  • Multilingual reportings
  • NetSuite integration

What does the Alta Via snapADDY NetSuite integration do ?

Data from the Grabber or the VisitReport are transferred directly into NetSuite as a contact, LEAD, company, partner or vendor through Alta Via’s snapADDY integration. Alternatively, you can use a custom record from which you individually decide whether you like to create a contact, LEAD, company, partner, or vendor, check for duplicates, or have your own feature built-in.