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Alta Via Travel Expenses for German and Austrian based companies

Your travel expense report with the Alta Via travel expense module for NetSuite

Travel expenses, accommodation, expenses. With the end of a business trip begins an often complicated
and time-consuming settlement process, in addition to the numerous provisions of the German travel costs
must be considered. Although the new tax regulations have made things easier since 2014, the expense
reporting remains high and specific for Germany. Austrian tax regulations are even more complex than the
To simplify this process, Alta Via Consulting has developed a module specially tailored to German and
Austrian travel expenses, which you can use as an add-on to your NetSuite account.

Efficient recording and processing of your travel expenses domestic and abroad

The Alta Via Travel Expense Module gives you and your employees the ability to capture one or more cross-
border and intersecting trips on an intuitive interface.

Mileage, meals and overnight accommodation will be calculated according to the information provided by the
module in accordance with the provisions of the German Travel Expenses Law for your stays in Germany
and abroad.
The per-diem rates used correspond to the rates currently set by the Federal Ministry of Finance for
additional meals and accommodation costs for professional and company-related business trips.
If you do not need the pre-set per-diem rates, the module offers full flexibility and allows a different, manual
entry. And of course the billing of expenses without an attached trip is possible.

Cross borders - currencies and tax rates

Settling expenses in different currencies within a travel expense report easily manages the Alta Via travel
expense module. You have various currencies that you can preset for input, which can also be used in
parallel within a report.
Expense categories such as Hotel, taxi or hospitality simplify the inputs additionally. By setting the tax rates
first and assigning the expense accounts to each of these categories, the accounting interface is closed.

Entering your travel expenses made easy

In the journey data area:

  • enter the start and finish location, departure and arrival dates and times
  • select the destination country
  • describe the purpose of your trip and record the kilometers driven when using your private car
  • indicate if the particular trip can be billed to a customer or partner of your company

In the area of expenses:

  • Assign an expense category such as hotel, flight or hospitality to your receipts from the list provided
    and enter the date and amount, if necessary in a foreign currency
  • You can also choose here whether this issue can be billed to a customer or partner of your company
    In the area of journey details with per diems:
  • In the list generated based on your travel time information, you have the option of selecting who is
    bearing the costs of individual meals and nights spent on the trip, if different from the default.

The Alta Via travel expense module will do the following for you:

  • Assignment of the tax codes stored for the categories and the connection of the expenses to the
    defined expense accounts
  • Creation of a detailed itinerary
  • Determining the per diems for meals and accommodation
  • Calculation of the amount to be refunded for the number of kilometers driven by car
  • Summary of amounts of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses of the relevant report

Simplified processes for your employees

Through access to the NetSuite Employee Center, your employees can collect their travel expense reports

Detailed edition of the travel expense report

The Alta Via Travel Expense Module provides a report with all relevant summary information and detail
information as a PDF. If necessary, we enable you to output the data as Excel or CSV.

Approve on the right track

To approve the collected travel expense reports, you can either use the approval workflow provided by the
NetSuite standard, or we can work with you to create a process that is tailored to your company's structure

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