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 Ever wondered how far you can push the limits of NetSuite’s SuiteFlow engine? Ever thought of introducing a completely new tailored process for your business managed by a workflow? We had a requirement coming from Berlin-based FinTech Billie to develop a personalized workflow in order to manage their supplier contracts while meeting their regulatory requirements regarding the (ongoing) management of Outsourcings and IT-related services. We built it making full use of NetSuite’s SuiteFlow engine.

Billie is a FinTech company based in Berlin that takes pride in innovation that creates new freedom for SMEs. They provide financial products for liquidity and invoicing that are tailored to the needs of B2B companies and their online shops. Check them out at

Billie has been a NetSuite user for over a year already. Alta Via supported the company for going live with their new ERP-system and managing the suite across business areas. After their successful Go-Live, earlier this year, Billie came up with a new requirement to run supplier contracts within NetSuite through a highly complex workflow that involves a variety of user interactions, intuitively governing the contract stages.

A custom module developed by Alta Via orchestrates this within NetSuite, with a lot of validations and intelligently navigating the relevant users to the next steps within the system – from answering specific questions relating to the contract to auto-selecting the right type of contract, from creating and assigning user tasks automatically to linking the contract with a specific supplier. All of it runs seamlessly within NetSuite.This customization with workflows is backed by SuiteScripts, custom records, fields, and forms. Here are the high level details of the process flow:

  • Business users, outsourcing manager, information security manager and the Billie management interact with the contract (i.e. create, edit, answer questions, approve, renew, terminate, amongst other tasks they work on).
  • Thanks to a completely customized user interface (smart questionnaire) the questions asked by the system change based on previous answers provided by the users.
  • The system follows a detailed flow to determine the type of contract and thereby identifies the next steps and guides the involved users through the process.
  • Based on a number of factors, KPIs and KRIs are populated which can be used on reporting and searches.

The smart questionnaire view:

The intention of the below process flow chart is not to confuse readers with nitty-gritty details on how Billie structured its processes, but to show the power of NetSuite’s workflow tool, and how it can handle very thorough and complex process flows. Although it looks convoluted, we managed to implement all detailed steps in it for scalability and better administration.

A glimpse of their workflow:

If you think you have similar requirements and want to learn more about NetSuite’s workflow capabilities, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or just feel fre to use the contact form here.

Stefan Dietrich, Senior Compliance Manager, PMP, CFE, CAMS, CREB, Billie GmbH

"At Billie, we believe in the power of automation so that our employees are empowered and have more time to focus on tasks that have a direct impact on Billie. This holds especially true when it comes to our backend processes. Therefore, building the Contract and Outsourcing Management Suite within our existing ERP-System NetSuite and tailoring it to our needs from a business as well as regulatory perspective was a natural decision. It allowed us to skip integration efforts that would have otherwise been necessary and be in the driver seat regarding the solution. Together with Alta Via we were able to develop and introduce a customized, easy-to-use and regulatory compliant solution that allows us to manage our contracts according to our needs. Key to the success were Alta Via's knowledge of NetSuite capabilities, the ability of the project members to think outside of the box and the ongoing alignment and test activities."


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