to all participants of the 1st DOAG - NetSuite User Day
 on May 14th in Berlin


The NetSuite User Day celebrates a successful debut. Read a brief review here (official version in german only - translation below).


By: Christian Luda Business Solutions ERP 16.05.2019

The NetSuite User Day celebrates a successful debut

On May 14th the German NetSuite community gathered at the first NetSuite User Day in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The still young ERP system NetSuite is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany. Almost 70 participants from all over Germany had come to the capital to exchange lessons learned and best practices during the NetSuite User Day and to use the opportunity to express their wishes and criticism to the NetSuite representatives present.

Contentful's premises, located in a typical Kreuzberg shop in Ritterstraße, provided the perfect ambience and underlined the community character of the fully booked event.

The lunch reception was already used for networking, before DOAG and host Contentful officially welcomed the participants at 12:30pm and opened the lecture program. Christian Walch and Alexander Richard from the auditing and consulting firm KPMG kicked off the event. They reported on the challenges of introducing NetSuite to an international pharmaceutical company - one of the largest NetSuite projects in Europe to date.

NetSuite managers Mathias Reinecke (Regional Product Manager, DACH) and James Chisham (Director of International Product for EMEA) presented the new features of NetSuite 2019.1 and shared the plans of a first German data center to the delight of many attendees. This will be built in Frankfurt and will be available in early 2020.

It was followed by exciting, practical lectures in front of a full audience. Markus Fest from Eve Systems introduced a NetSuite-based eCommerce solution, Phuong Thao Le from opinion polling start-up Civey highlighted opportunities for revenue-recognition automation, and Kerstin Fischer from Alta Via Consulting presented the new capabilities of the company through detailed examples parallel accounting.

At the end of the lecture program, Peter von Zimmermann provided another highlight. The DOAG's NetSuite theme manager had previously examined the new tax administration solution SuiteTax from a German point of view and now presented useful innovations in an entertaining way, but also some weaknesses - for example, no gross amounts can be entered for travel expenses. His conclusion: Before these problems are not solved, German users should wait and see. Because a return to the classic tax administration does not exist, you have activated SuiteTax once. The NetSuite representatives took up this criticism and responded to subsequent, sometimes anxious public issues. James Chisham assured that there would not be a complete switch to SuiteTax until all the vulnerabilities had been resolved.

This last lecture underpinned the claim, which moderator Matthias Runte (Deputy NetSuite-Topic Manager of the DOAG) once again emphasized: The NetSuite User Day should not be a promotional event, but in addition to exchange and networking also provide a place for clear criticism of the manufacturer. A concept that matters: In the following feedback session, the wish was expressed several times to repeat the User Day, which was planned as an annual event, in just half a year.

At the final get-together in nearby Dookie, there was an animated discussion over pizza and wine and anticipation of the next event. Matthias Runte drew the following conclusion: "We managed to position ourselves as the lawyer of customers and users towards NetSuite. This is something the participants have also taken in, and is certainly one of the main reasons for the invariably positive feedback, in addition to the quality of the lectures and the very successful event framework. We are well on the way to setting a very successful event format that will be very well established alongside NetSuite organized sales events. "


By the way, in the Archiv NetSuite 2019 you will find the important information of the day:

  • the program
  • the presentation documents
  • video recordings of the presentations  and
  • the short review of the day

Take a little time and browse in the




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